Excuse me, Do you speak English?

Although one of my main purposes of this Serbian Trip is to learn the language, I feel that I would be foolish if I didn’t arm myself with at least a few useful phrases before I even arrive, to help relieve a little bit of the inevitable frustration. So here are a few I will try to master before setting foot in Belgrade.

• Excuse me, Can you tell me how to get to the trolley/grocery store/hostel/school?
• I would like to have coffee, tea, coke, beer, milk, water? (ordering at a store)
• Thank you for picking me up (in the car from the …airport, etc)
• How much does this cost?
• I am glad to be here at your home, finally.
• I’m sorry my Serbian is not good. I’m trying to learn.
• I’m Married

And Finally, the little blurb I want to learn before returning home to the US is:

• Before I went to Belgrade to study Serbian, I couldn’t really speak the language at all. It was hard for me because most of my husbands’ friends and family spoke Serbian a lot, and I couldn’t understand at all or have conversations with them. Now, after 1 month of intense school, I can speak it a little, and say a lot more.


2 thoughts on “Excuse me, Do you speak English?

  1. Ok…first of all…great site! a good thing to get going before you go, I can tell I am goin to LOVE it! Second thing…your hostel looks VERY NICE! Clean, fresh, not old. I think you will be happy there. GREAT choice. Third thing…looks like you need to embrace leggins with boots! I think that is what every girl had on. You can do it…just try! You’ve got the boots, not just buy a cheap pair of leggings from Target, and see how you feel 🙂

  2. I agree, you are totally going to have to embrace the leggings 🙂 Love the hostel! Can’t believe you are going to brush your teeth with the same thing that washes your hair… that’s just weird! 😛 Glad you got this started… I am looking forward to keeping up with your adventures!

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