1st Snow in Belgrade

Snowfall in Beograd

Tonight I experienced my first snowfall in Belgrade, which was beautiful. For all my friends and family in the Midwest, this may seen commonplace to you, even a nuisance. But for me, a Midwesterner who is starved of seasons in California, I was so fascinated by this snowfall. It made all the brown snow clean and white again, and the city is quite beautiful. It was a joyful event.
Today I went to the home of my husband, the home of my in-laws, and it was quite an affair. His cousin who speaks English walked with me to and from the house, and served as translator over the 4 course meal.
First a mezze, then soup, then the main course schnitzel and potatoes, then the dessert. And of course, wine. His parents tried to talk to me, and vice versa, but we are still much at a loss. Hopefully by the end of my stay here, we will be able to converse at least on some level. The house is old and cold, yes, freezing cold, as the ceilings are quite high and its difficult to heat the whole floor. The place is old, and when you go in there, its like stepping back into time, back into an old Serbia, quite different than the energetic international atmosphere I feel everywhere but there. “Mama” insisted on packing carton after carton of food for me to take back to the hostel, sarma, soup, pastries, chicken and more. I could eat for weeks on this food. After a few hours of awkward, but warm, conversation. It was time to go, and the cousin walked me back, how generous of him to do so.
Tonight my language evaluation was telling. There will be 5 students in my class. A Frenchman who is an adventurer-physicist, a woman from Holland who is an art curator, another girl from Poland who is a volunteer teacher in Montenegro for kids, and one other German girl who we have yet to meet, and of course me, the American pilot who lives in California. What an interesting crowd.
Tonight the 4 of us students went to a cafe after the evaluation where we got to know each other and vowed to try to speak only Serbian to each other after day 3. We’ll see how it goes. Then I ran into my group of friends from Barcelona at the bookshop on my way out, and joined that group for a bit to chat and say goodbye.
Tomorrow is my first day of class and I can’t wait to get started.
Videmose Sutra! 🙂


1 thought on “1st Snow in Belgrade

  1. wait? did I miss something? who are your barcelona friends?? And, what are the ages of the others in your group. They all sound quite interesting. And they have to be adventurous and fun to even be there in the first place, so they can’t be so bad! 🙂 And…I think it sounds like your meal and first visit went over quite well! I mean, 10 out of 10…given the circumstances! 🙂 GOOD JOB! Sounds like Serbia is suiting you, and I am quite glad. Baby, baby daddy and I are all doing quite well…we had a very interesting day at our “prepared childbirth” class…some wierd, and then also some helpful information. Hmmmmmm….I don’t know how “prepared” one can be for an unknown event that is yet to come that will change your life. I have yet to wrap my mind around that! 🙂 Ok, more later…love you!

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