Open Mouth Wide. Turn on Fire Hose Full Blast.

After our language evaluation on Sunday night, where I met the 4 other students in my class, I met up with the Barcelona peeps again before heading back home. The students are interesting, one girl, from Poland who is teaching kids in Montenegro right now, told us about the Montenegran stereotype, that is the people there are quite lazy, and she said it is true. If you ask a Montenegran what they do for a living, they may often say “Oh, I’m just enjoying the life…” And really that means, I launder money, sell drugs, or am a human trafficker. I also had a minor mishap where I thought I may have made a social faux pas, but it turned out to be ok. I was saying how I really wanted to find some real Gypsy Trumpet music like they play here, and how I was searching and searching for a band. The French guy, said, well, if you really want to hear a Gypsy Trumpet band, come see me perform in my little town in France! I then remembered that he had mentioned earlier that he played the trumpet in a band, and that he was also living out of his car and drove to Belgrade from France. Wait, was he a gypsy? And is that Un-PC to call a Gypsy a Gypsy? Should I call him “Roma” the real word for the ethnic group? I was confused! But it turns out no, he’s not gypsy, he’s just an adventure, music loving fluid mechanic professor from France.
Monday, Pomoneldjak, was a difficult day.
First I got locked in the hostel bathroom and it took 30 minutes before a guy names Sergei finally got the door open, thus I was late for my first day of school. After 1.5 hours of instruction on day 1, we had covered everything I had learned in my 10 week Croation class in Beverly Hills, and also raced through everything I had managed to learn from the “Teach Yourself Serbian” book I had been going through on my own. So much for my home advantage. We charged forward like a freight train with the brakes out heading down hill. I think this is the normal pace for the school…
By the end of the day, my head was spinning, and I think half the class was frustrated nearly to the point of tearing our hair out.
But this is what we asked for, right? So Bring it on, I’m ready.
For lunch, we had pleskovica, which is like a veal patty the size of your head. And here at this diner, I found the same problem I’ve been finding at 90% of the restaurants in Belgrade. They are missing one of 3 things, toilet paper, hand soap, or running water. Hardly any have all 3. Yes, its a problem, thats turning this borderline germaphobe into an out right maniac. Zasto?!?! Why?!?!
At the grocery store, laughably called “Maxi”, I held up the long line of Belgraders giving me dirty looks while I tried to label my almonds at the cashier. Communication is very much an issue still.
So today was filled with much frustration.
Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Laku Noc, Good Night na Belgrade 🙂


2 thoughts on “Open Mouth Wide. Turn on Fire Hose Full Blast.

  1. At least you got locked in your hostel bathroom rather than a germy one with no hand washing 😛 I miss you already! I got my hair cut the other day, it is chin length and really cute, and I found myself wanting to call and tell you about it… Love ya! Have fun today! 🙂

  2. Oh no! I forgot to fill you in on the public bathrooms! Either way sounds like you are having a great time so far…trust me, by next week you’ll have a better grip on the language barrier! 🙂

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