A Beautiful People, the Serbian Myth

For some reason, in preparation for my upcoming trip to Belgrade, I came across several sources in which comments were made about the unusually beautiful people in Belgrade. The young women would be tall, gorgeous, and of model quality, they could grace the best runways in Milan or Paris, I heard. Really? I was determined to find out if this was true, and if so, why? I know many Serbian born people here in the US, and though some of them are beautiful, it has never jumped out at me that they were particularly more good-looking than the rest of us. So after 1 month in Belgrade and countless hours of people watching, I have come to this conclusion:

Belgraders ARE more attractive than many Americans, however they aren’t inherently more beautiful. Genetically, I don’t think they are more attractive, or really that different from us actually. And when you think of it, all Americans are immigrants at some point in their family tree, and we come from all over the world though mostly from Europe. So most of us with European descent, should look similar to Slavic people, at least to some degree. I mean, what does an American look like anyway? What does a Serb look like? This is an unanswerable question…

So here is my consensus:
Belgraders are generally more attractive than your typical American, not because their people hit the genetic jackpot, or because they have some hidden pool of youth that all the women bathe in, no, it’s for 2 reasons specifically:

1) They weigh about 15 lbs less than the average American.
2) They are better dressed, more stylish, more put together than the average American

And when you have an entire society walking around where the average person is thinner and better dressed, they appear more attractive as a people. And they are. Mystery Solved!

Tune in again for more thoughts on Serb stuff from your not so average American…

Cao for now! 🙂


23 thoughts on “A Beautiful People, the Serbian Myth

  1. I have known this for years :] I am glad you hit the nail on the head. I guess this is why Belgrade keeps pulling me back every summer.. that, and the fact that my dad lives there. I’ll be done with school in December- How am I going to decide where I go?!

  2. I think Serbs tend to have thicker hair and they don’t suffer thinning and baldness as they age as much or as fast as many non-Serbs – look at former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich and his super-thick head of hair at age 54. There are many Serbs with still really thick hair into middle-age. That’s genetic.
    Also, there seems a greater percentage of Serbs with full lips – including the men. Not to say that there aren’t some with thin lips but many Serbian men have quite full lips.
    Americans might have more delicate features than the average Serb.
    Some Serb men complain their women are more beautiful but tend to lose their looks at around age 28. Smoking is one factor blamed.
    The famous British writer Rebecca West said something about how Serb women looked young until 30 then they suddenly looked 50 – but that was back in the 1930’s.

    • This is an interesting comment. But certainly many American men have great hair in their later years. Look at all our aging celebrities! But you may be onto something here, who knows…
      I haven’t noticed any difference in lips. My guy has pretty standard lips and he always comments on how mine are so full – (I’m the American in the relationship, he’s a Serb used to Serbs)
      As for the women, my guess is the reason many Serbs say women don’t look great after 28 is because many Serbian men are ageists. This is a problem I’ve encountered with many Serbs. When it comes to women, youth and looks are prized and celebrated, never wisdom or life experience as it is with men. Thanks for the comment!

    • “jj” has an interesting comment regarding thinning hair and baldness patterns in Serbs vs. Americans. I am a Californian who has been living in and around the Balkans for the past three years, and my impression is just the opposite. I think maybe the difference is that when American men begin to bald, they 1) either continue to cut their hair in the same pre-balding style or 2) make the unfortunate mistake of trying to cover the balding areas with the hair they have left. Both techniques only serve to highlight the missing hair. My observation is that when Serbian men begin to bald, they often either 1) cut the remaining hair very, very close to the head, or 2) shave it off completely. The result in both cases is that you don’t notice the thinning/balding patches and as a result the men tend to look more well-groomed.

      • Very interesting! I wonder if there has ever been a study on this genetic trait and its varying prevalence among different nationalities. Serbian men definitely tend to be more well groomed and better dressed, thats for sure. So maybe they do just handle it better. Thanks for the thought provoking comment!

    • hmmmmm. my father is a quarter Serb, and he is now 60 and still has his full head of dark brown hair-very few gray hairs. His father, who was half Serbian, was the same. I never thought it might come from that part of the gene pool.

      • Yes, it’s a thought. After all, male hair loss is genetic and passed down through the mother’s side of the family. Although, of course, there are many older American celebrity men with great heads of hair too!

  3. I think you hit that bang on — they are obsessed with fashion and do tend to be more fit, making them more attractive, but not necessarily better looking in terms of the face, etc.

    I live in a country renowned for beautiful women, but only about 30% actually have a beautiful face. Most are 5’9 or taller (with feet to match!! have to special order a size 6 here!) and naturally lanky limbs, which is what the runway girls tend to have. At least girls in Srpsko actually wear clothes, here the fashion is last year’s hooker duds.

    And don’t get me started on the men… 10 years here and I can count on one hand the number of men I’ve found attractive, let alone good looking.

    Guess that’s how I ended up with a Serb – though I do have to say, he’s very, very good looking even without the clothes. (Eh, especially without! 😉

  4. I am a Serb, and I’ve been tolled that I look like Johnny depp… With brown hiar and brown eyes… CCCC

  5. Serbs are definitely more attractive than Americans. I think it’s because their bone structures are softer yet longer and taller. Serbs DO NOT HAVE full lips. Slavs don’t have full lips in general. Full lips are seen in Britain, Spain, Finland, Russia, Greece. Serbs have very delicate features and don’t have big heads like British, Norwegians or Spaniards. Serbs have good genes 🙂

      • Excuse me, but I’m a Serbian girl and I do have full lips. So does my dad. And so do a lot of Serbs I know. You can see plenty of Serbian actresses with full lips, such as Katarina Radivojevic, Marija Karan, Anica Dobra etc.

        I think its the influence of mixing with the South European people – for who is a true Slav anymore?

    • Sorry but whole story about serbian/croatian, etc… beauty is pure nationalism and nothing more. I don’t find any of two more attractive than american or most of other europeans.

      Every country with high nationalism (another word for primitivism) is full of we are most beautiful,smart, strong… Greece is fine example and even Italy.

  6. I live in an area where lots of serbs came to after the 90s war. it’s definitely the whole package that makes them the most beautiful race on earth. well, the woman for sure. the men i’d say were average.

    it’s a combination of the best gentic package ever along with not being overweight and dressing classy. a rare, rare combo.

  7. Serbs are slavic people, very true. But the do not look like the Polish or Ukrainian. Because of spending the last 1000 years in the Balkans and Mediterranean basin, they have jumped onto another genetic line, The Mediterranian. Serbia is by the way very mountainess. What that does is that it makes the landscape closer to the sun, which is a definite xfactor in this case.
    I myself am i Serb, so is my familiy. I’ve got Dark brown hair and Dark brown eyes. I live in sweden which makes my skin a bit paler, but it is still a shade darker than the swedes. Also the swedes tend to have a pinkish or red tone, unless me, I have some kind olive or golden tone. I’ve got full lips, so does the rest of my family. I’m about 6’1(I’m male btw.)
    BASICLY: You would be able to tell the difference between a serb and a polak, but you woulden’t be able to tell the difference between a serb and italian/greek and so on.

    • Omg, that’s a very bold statement… I think that we are not the most beautiful people on the Earth, but overall we are prettier than Americans, at least girls, but not too much… Although last time when I went to Belgrade I was a little bit disappointed by look of my people, overdressed and too much make up…. btw, I have full lips and I am a good looking girl…

  8. I accidentally stumbled upon your blog, and i must say i am really really fascinated by it! we serbs really are everything you say about us, and u say it in a wonderful way! i cant stop reading your entries! Great stuff! and i see you enjoy us which i a refreshing thing!
    Bravo and Prijatno! 🙂

  9. I was just in Ruma, Serbia for a work trip. I live in Iowa. I have to say that of the Eauropean countries that I have been in, the Serbian people were the easiest to talk to and were far more willing to talk to me. I thought that women also had more of a natural beauty than others. For instance in the Czech Republic, there are beautiful women everywhere but if you look at them for more than a glance, they are just very well dressed and thin and take care of themselves very well. Like someone said in a previous post comparing Serbians to Americans, I would have to agree in that Americans are just more sloppy (or maybe casual) in dress and we easily average 15 pounds more than they do. The women that I met in Serbia just had a breathtaking beauty about them. Darker skin tone, dark hair, dark eyes and a confidence in the way that they spoke to me. The men I was around in Serbia seemed wise and very friendly, but I don’t know if looks was a strong point? The state of the economy there is very sad and such good people deserve much better.

  10. I am a Serbian male i go from 171Lbs (78 Kg) to 189 Lbs (86Kg) i am 185 Cm tall or 6 feet plus full lips and i am the smallest in my family all of my cousins (we prefer to call the male close cousins brothers and females sisters) are huge well over 100Kg and 2 meters + high,i consider that i have a gr8 gene pool.Most ppl here are good looking and fit,but a part from that there is no pattern here i mean regarding hair color eyes and such for example most of the population has brown hair and brighter color of eyes,but also thats not a huge % for example i have pitch black hair and dark eyes tall and slim some1 would say i would pick up from some southern gene pool but i dont think so since i am pale (not too much like Scandinavians) but also i know some Russians that have similar features like i do and they are 100% Russian.

    Anyway my 2 cents on the topic,yes i consider my ppl to be really beautiful both males and females.

    Thx for all the ppl that think the same or at least similar come to visit Serbia and Belgrade u will have a blast 🙂

  11. I found this post really interesting. My boyfriend is serbian, and yes I think he is the most handsome men on Earth. But not really I have seen the pictures of his female friends, and all I Could think of was why are they so pretty, the male are attractive too, but the women for me were all very beautiful, and it wasnt make up cause they barely have it, maybe like you post said, its their silhouette , in fact the ones i’ve seen are slim. I dont know they probably just have good genes, which im jealous of Im latina, and by looking at serbian women dont get why he would search fo a woman outside his country haha

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