Apologies, from, Yours Truly, the Comma Freak,

So many of you have probably noticed, grammar is not my forte in any language. I admit, I tend to add a few more commas than are necessary to many of my posts, and for this I apologize! Hopefully none of you are grammar freaks (like an unnnamed teacher at my Serbian school – Sorry! – you know who you are). So I hope I don’t offend anyone by my, excessive, use, of commas. Ok now that was just for show. Luckily I have spell check, but a for some reason, those pesky green lines on grammar check seem to avoid my little problem! Also, most of my posts that I wrote in Belgrade were written furiously in about 5 minutes standing up at my hostel computer between rushing home from school and rushing off to do homework or go exploring. I really didn’t edit them, I just typed like a maniac and hit post, I had more important things to do than waste precious minutes editing! So you’ll have to excuse the errors. From now on, I’ll try to do better.
Thanks for Reading! šŸ™‚


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