Enough about me, what about you?

My apologies for my absence from writing. In the midst of several major life events, I’ve been taking a break from the blogging. My sister has been recently blessed with a new baby boy, my brother graduated from University, and I’ve recently moved to Los Angeles from Orange County. I’ve been lucky to be able to enjoy some quality time with my family lately. Now that I’m settled in and back in the swing of things, I hope to get back to writing more consistently.
After a brief look at my site stats, noticing over 8,000 visitors since I started the blog in January, I’ve been curious to get an idea of who you, the reader is. In other words, who are you and why are you reading my blog? No, seriously, I’ve met people on this blog that are expats living in Belgrade, people from Serbia that live in a western country, and I know many of you are living in Belgrade or previously were. Please take a second to answer my poll, It’d be great to get a better look at the fabric of my readers. More great new blogs to follow! Thanks, Hvala!



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