Calling all Serbs – Balkans Researcher in the US wants to hear from You!


Have a few minutes? Take a survey geared towards Serbs by a Ph.D. candidate at the prestigious Northwestern University in Chicago on how “national identity is intimately connected to the idea of territory”. Participants can enter to win an ipod touch. Curious about the background of the researcher? Visit his website at


Pozivam vas da učestvujete u onlajn istraživanju kojim se ispituju stavovi građana Srbije prema političkim govorima. Za učešće u njemu je potrebno otprilike petnaest minuta.

Da biste u njemu učestvovali, potrebno je da budete punoletni državljanin Srbije. Takođe, svaki ispitanik direktno učestvuje u specijalnom izvlačenju u kom poklanjamo ajpod-tač (iPod Touch).

Go to this website to enter:

U ovom istraživanju garantujemo poverljivost podataka koje ispitanicu daju. Pružene informacije biće ukrštene sa informacijama iz drugih istraživanja, pa neće biti moguće utvrditi identitet onoga ko je odgovorio.

Svoja pitanja i komentare mi možete poslati na


5 thoughts on “Calling all Serbs – Balkans Researcher in the US wants to hear from You!

      • I was joking a little for CIA (agency), but seriously this survey isn’t well prepared and I would dare to say it’s even intelligence insulting from the very beginning. Introduction video speech was terrible, like someone wrote motivational, nationalistic, patriotic, war against terrorists-supportive (??? in Serbia) speech for children with mental disabilities and then used google translate with it.
        No offence AJ, I respect you as a strong, independent, witty woman who loves her Serbian muž and tries to learn about and understand his roots and culture. But I really expected a lot more serious survey, so I was very disappointed.


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