That Fig Tree Was My Whole World

Hvar Island, Croatia, - Little Slobodan, Lower Right Corner, Age 7

Childhood summers were idyllic for my husband. He spent them on islands in the Adriatic, in beautiful Croatia. He would swim in the clear warm water, windsurf with camping tourists, play barefoot on the rocky beaches, and pluck wild blackberries for afternoon snacks. This was before the bombs dropped in Belgrade, before Yugoslavia split apart, before his immigration to America. One day he told me about the Fig Tree he remembered on the island of Korcula.
He reminisced, “When I was a small kid, that fig tree was my whole world. I would climb its teeny branches all summer. Then in August when the figs came, I would pick them up and I would bring them to my family to eat and I would feel good. I felt good because I was contributing to their well-being and nourishment, even as a 7 year old boy. It was a great tree, it gave lots of shade.”
Years later when he was around 18, he returned to the island to find the fig tree diseased and dying. The Fig Tree ceased to exist as it did in his childhood. It faded into nostalgia as many childhoods do, but the memory of those carefree island summers and those ripe, juicy, fresh figs will always make him smile.

Korcula Island, Croatia


3 thoughts on “That Fig Tree Was My Whole World

  1. Great blog! I enjoy reading your blog! Good job! 🙂 Greetings from Indonesia! I love Serbia and I would like to visit it someday. I have some friends in Nis 🙂 and hey hello to Slobodan, I wish I would marry a Serbian guy someday!

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