Balkan Band in Vienna uses Humor to Fight Stereotypes Tschuschenkapelle: A balkan band, trying to make a difference in anti-migrant mentality in Austria, was recently featured on National Public Radio here in Los Angeles. Along with some 20 million Americans listening that morning, I was surprised to hear, “Moja Mala, Nema Mane” on my morning drive into work. Comprised mostly of citizens of the former Yugoslavia, this band has been bringing their traditional folk music to Vienna for decades now, after immigrating to Austria in the 1980s. The ironic band name comes from a derogatory Austrian word for foreigner, and aims to dispel the negative stereotypes and general racism against South Eastern Europeans and other foreign immigrants in Austria. It seems like Austrians are not using the slang word “Tschusch” in the same way anymore, since now its associated with up-beat world music that you just can’t stop dancing to. Tschuschenkappelle showcases the rich history and culture of their homeland, in an attempt to dissolve discrimination and promote inter-ethnic peace. This is one political message from the area that I can really believe in. Listen to a Serb, Croat, Macedonian, Rom, and Bulgarian play music together here:


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